Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Love Supreme: A Delight for Jazz Music Lovers and Catering Aficionados

Getting featured in a piece from the I Newspaper is bound to draw in even more people for this year’s Love Supreme Jazz Festival. Alice Jones of the I Newspaper dubbed the annual fest as “Best for Jazz” in her article titled “The Top 10 Music Festivals for Summer 2016”, and you can be sure that there’s more than just jazz for people who want to come. In fact, the article pointed out that the current line-up is a rather colourful variety of genres except rock. There’s even a host of family-friendly activities to try. Of course, foodies can also look forward to top-notch cuisine from some of the best catering companies in London.

The much awaited jazz event kicks off at the 1st of July and concludes at the 3rd. In its fourth year, the Love Supreme Jazz Festival will take place where it always has – the Glynde Place, in East Sussex. If you’re one of the 15,000 people expected to show up, here are some exciting things you can expect to take part in.

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