Thursday, 9 June 2016

Catering Companies Can Create a Bespoke Buffet Menu for Your Event

Good food leaves an impression better than anything else. It is easy to get away with boring music and unexciting décor but people will remember if your wedding or birthday party had bland food. Give your guests good food and they can forgive anything that may be wrong with your party or corporate event. A bespoke buffet is one option you can consider. How to come up with a tantalising customised buffet? Hire London caterers. The thing about buffets is that they can appear deceptively uncomplicated but there is much more to it than putting together different dishes on a table. A professional will help you come up with a bespoke buffet menu that is right for your event. Some of these tips will get you on the right track. Don't Clash Cohesiveness should be your guide when thinking about a bespoke buffet menu. You can’t just throw in different foods and hope for the best. London catering companies can offer you various food options that will complement each other.

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Trend of Dessert Buffets at Weddings and How You Can Get it Right

Culinary trends keep changing with time, and it is vital to keep up, especially when planning an event. Cakes at weddings have ways been a big deal since they are usually the centrepieces at most ceremonies. Three, four-tiered cakes were the norm but something has changed. Dessert buffets are the trend now and people are eating it up, so to speak. Wedding cakes are not completely gone but they are not as central as they used to be. Now they are smaller and only fulfil decorative functions at wedding receptions. If you are going to have a dessert buffet at your wedding, there is a trick to pulling it off, and London caterers will prove invaluable. Have a Theme It’s a wedding, so it is only right you have a theme. As much as a dessert buffet means you can have an assortment, maintain the main theme. A dessert buffet can be quite eye-catching and you can take advantage of that. Integrate the wedding décor with the dessert buffet theme.