Monday, 14 December 2015

Cooking Demo Held by One of the Leading Catering Companies in London

Caiger & Co., one of the most renowned catering companies in London, held a cooking demonstration last 04 April 2014 wherein sumptuous seasonal recipes were showcased. The event was conducted in partnership with Natoora, a leading supplier of restaurant-quality produce and meats. Alix Caiger, head chef and proprietor of Caiger & Co, created signature dishes using the fresh ingredients provided by Natoora. The two-hour demonstration, which occurred at the latter’s Chiswick store, aimed to teach participants unexpected ways of using seasonal produce in their cooking. Amongst the dishes prepared were asparagus bruschetta with morels and mushrooms, tortellini with borage, a wild pesto, and scones with Gariguette strawberries. Fresh peas, broad beans, baby artichokes, fresh garlic and Como peppers were also used in the recipes.

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