Tuesday, 7 July 2015

London Caterers Share the Latest and the Most Sumptuous Trends in Food

Meat dishes will never go out of style, though you might be seeing less of the crowd-favourite bacon in the days to come. Instead, Italian pork products, including guanciale (Italian cured pork cheek or jowls), pancetta, and ‘nduja (a spreadable sausage made from a pork’s shoulder, belly, and jowl mixed with peppers and spices), have won over the hearts and appetites of food aficionados around London. These current trends in food can hopefully help you decide in selecting the dishes you wish to bring and present to your next gathering or party. When these dishes are cooked and prepared by top London catering companies such as Caiger and Co. Catering, these servings will definitely leave your guests wanting for more, making your party one for the books.

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