Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Autumn: Great Time for London Catering Companies to Serve Organic Food

Nierenberg also says that this study contradicts an earlier study funded by the U.K. Food Standards Agency, which said that the nutritional benefits of organic produce aren’t distinct from conventionally grown foods. With the coming of autumn in the U.K., people would definitely want to sink their teeth into organically-grown fruits and vegetables that only grow this season, like apples, potatoes, and pumpkins. Meanwhile, Caiger and Co. Catering and other renowned catering companies in London ensure that those attending lunch parties, dinners, weddings, and other formal events are also treated with a bespoke menu of organic and seasonal foods. One thing that diners can definitely expect this season is the variety of recipes that involve mushrooms, either as the main ingredient or as a side dish. Trompette mushrooms, for example, have a unique autumnal taste and texture, which make them a good ingredient for pastas or risotto dishes.

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